Friday, December 7, 2007

Matty's Wish List

I like anything made to look like cast iron, like black steel/metal like wall hangings alone or with mirrors, candlesticks, picture frames, anything black and metal I like and want for my apartment. Large or small, it doesn't matter. A black metal clock would be super! I also love lanterns of any kind. Oh! I also would love to have any size oil lamps.
Also, if anyone knows of someone who has a cukoo clock lying around and doesn't want it anymore, I want it if it works! It has to be manual wind though...nothing battery powered.

1 or more cake candles or some nice scented candles. Vanilla, sandlewood, apple spice, mistletoe, or something with a light pine smell..not too strong. I like sea-scents ocean breeze or whatever they call it. No berry or flower scents, please!

vanilla, pine, cinnamon, clove; likes cooking, cleaning, decorating cakes; likes animals; D&D; likes Mickey Mouse, special clocks, old-fashioned dinnerware, oil lamps, missionary-style furniture; can’t eat chocolate or caffeine;

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