Sunday, March 17, 2013


So I've just been on the New York Magazine website, where I like to go to look at the runway fashions each year, and this year I see the 80s. Not everywhere, but I can see it. Lots of baggy, bulky clothes, lots of animal prints, lots of gold, lots of droopy shoulders, lots of high necks and fur, lots of neon, , lots of prints, lots of leather or leather-like material, chunky knit sweaters, and some funky eyewear. Examples of things I don't like:

 I'm a big fan of plaid and checked patterns, but this is pretty hideous. She looks like a big blue blob.

 Weird high collar, slumped shoulders, giant buttons.


 Leather or plastic? I can't tell...

 I think she weighs 400 pounds. And she's probably a size 0.

 Strange patterns...

Ugly animal prints.

I'd like this is it wasn't for the yellow fur cuffs and orange fur collar!

Is this where we're going? I'll just stay in my sweat pants, thank you very much.

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