Sunday, March 30, 2008

Don't Let the Rain Come Down on Me

So we had lots of rain on Thursday evening. Most of it was outside, but there was some dripping through the ceiling in my computer room. NEAT! I made an emergency call to Dusty Brothers, who had just been out to do some work on the other chimney (apparently I have two) and had mentioned that the second chimney needed work. So the guy from DB asked me if I use the fireplace for that chimney. I said, "I don't have a fireplace." He asked what the chimney was for and I told him I had no idea. So he is coming out Monday on my lunch hour to check out my chimney and inspect through the house to see if it's actually venting anything and if it's not, he's going to seal it off. Hopefully that will take care of the leak. This already means I have to paint the ceiling in the computer room - YUCK!

In other news, I went to Salvation Army yesterday, which I have been wanting to do for months but it was always closed when I was by there, and I bought a dresser for my dining room. I had brought in from the garage a cabinet that was being built a while ago, but it wasn't nice enough to go with the rest of the dining room furniture. I had been keeping my craft supplies inside and the only other place I could think of to put the cabinet was in the attic. So Mom and I hauled it up there, but I was not quite happy about the placement because I didn't think I would use my craft stuff if I had to go all the way up to the attic to get something. Plus it left a big empty space in the dining room that just didn't look right to me.

So Saturday after we went to see a movie, Kevin and I went to the SA and I bought a dresser for $30. I had been wanting to check out their stuff back when I was looking for a coffee table. Sometimes used furniture stores charge too much, and to buy new is definitely too much and not always of good quality. This is the SA in Quimby Village. They had tons of stuff. I even saw a rowing machine, stationary bike, and elliptical, plus appliances and even a photocopier for $30. :) Oh! I should check back there sometime to see if they have a circular saw, since the one in my garage was recently stolen (never fear, I have big locks on the door and back gates now).

The dresser will go in the dining room and I can store my craft stuff in there, so now Mom and I have to carry that cabinet back down from the attic and out to the garage. I'll use it out there to organize things.

The dresser will need a bit of work when I get it (when Edith gets back and can lend her big truck to pick it up). It needs a little sanding and a fresh coat of stain. I believe it is circa 1950s because it looks very similar to a dresser I have in my bedroom. I'll replace the handles and give it some TLC and it will be great for a craft storage space. I will even have room to put my little loom inside and bring down my yarn from the computer room (which I stored in the old vanity table from the bathroom, so that will go out to the garage, too).

I also got the urge to move furniture, so I rearranged my bedroom. I used to do that all the time when I lived with my parents, but I haven't moved anything substantial in this house, except for a couple pieces in the dining room. And when I stain the dresser I am going to take out the book shelves in my living room and give them a darker coat of stain, too. And paint the back porch and touch up the front porch... Ah, spring is coming! :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008