Sunday, January 1, 2006


Care2's Race for the Rainforest
Donations go to The Nature Conservancy.

Care2's Race to Stop Global Warming
Contributions are funded by sponsors who have agreed to pay to be featured on the Race. If during a period there are no paying sponsors, Care2 has guaranteed to make a donation of at least $1.70 for every 1000 clicks on the Race to offset racers' greenhouse gas emissions. No matter what, every time you click, (up to once per day) you will be offsetting one pound of CO2.

Ecology Fund
By clicking on the "Save Land" buttons you see the banner ads of our sponsors and advertisers who then pay for the purchase or protection of the amount of wilderness land indicated at the project selected. All money is paid by the sponsors, it costs you nothing to enable these contributions. Currently clicking for South American Rain Forest, Endangered Species, Canadian Wildlife, Nature Reserves in Scotland, Coastal habitat, Monarch Butterflies, United States Wilderness, Western U.S. Reserves, Reduce Pollution, and Planting American Chestnut Trees.

The Environment Site
All money goes to the Surrey Wildlife Trust.

Jogo Green
When you answer 10 questions correctly, we have enough advertising revenue to plant one tree through a fantastic organization called Trees for the Future(TFTF). TFTF provides technical knowledge on agroforestry and sustainable development, along with planting materials so that communities can return their degraded lands and struggling farms back to sustainable production.

Land Care Niagra
Every 5 clicks plants a tree to restore Niagara's fragmented forest ecosystem. As part of the Niagara Natural Heritage Corridor Program, these trees will help restore Niagara's ecosystems that provide clean air and water for all while providing much needed habitat for wildlife and endangered species.

The Rainforest Site
Land preservation, made possible by funds raised at The Rainforest Site, is paid for by site sponsors and carried out by The Nature Conservancy, The Rainforest Conservation Fund, The World Parks Endowment, and Rainforest2Reef. These organizations work to preserve rainforest land in Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay and other locations worldwide. 100% of the funds generated through the GreaterGood Network pass through to our partner charities.

Red Jellyfish
Click once a day to feed chimps orphaned due to poaching, and habitat loss, and to save 5.25 square feet of lush rainforest. We are proud to support the Jane Goodall Institute, and Friends of Calukmul. They are two of the most effective wildlife conservation groups in the world. We are proud members of the Co-Op America Business Network and are Green E Certified.

Waste Site
One click supports BioNutraTech, Equaris Corporation, Nike, and others in helping to keep our country clean.

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