Sunday, January 1, 2006

Miscellaneous Charities

Care2's Race to Stop Violence Against Women
100% of the donations generated go to Amnesty International's programs to Stop Violence Against Women.

Fan Donation
How does it work? When you click a link, 2 things happen: 1) you hear music performed by the sponsoring artist; 2) a statistic is generated, upon which a sponsoring artist will make a donation. Charities rotate on a monthly basis and include Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program, The Alternative House, 52 Ways, Good Search, and Care2.

The Literacy Site
Partnering with First Book and Room to Read, the site makes books available to children around the world, giving many children their very first book. With the generous support of our sponsors, each click provides 1% of a book.

The Stop HIV Site
Your donation will be used to help HIV positive patients in every way. Your donation will go help treat HIV Positive patients and to further Research and Development of possible cures. That would mean laboratory funding for equipment and material and employment for promising scientist that could make a difference. It would also go to help fund campaigns about AIDS Awareness and educate people in taking precautions for its prevention.

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