Friday, February 29, 2008

Knut is Cute!!!!!

Ohmigod, I have found a new love! Baby polar bears!!!!! This is a video of Knut, a baby polar bear at a zoo in Germany (not to be confused with Flocke, also a baby polar bear at a zoo in Germany, but younger and a girl).

Watch him eat! Watch him sleep! Watch him play! Listen to him make little polar bear noises! He's freakin adorable!!!!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Mommy, the Genius

My Mom is so clever. She did this picture of my cousin Carrie's baby Carmine. Mom believes that Carmine looks and acts just like Grandpa did, and she once got Grandpa an Elmer Fudd-style hunting hat, so I think that's where the allusion came from.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


It snowed yesterday and the day before and it was GORGEOUS!
My back yard on Tuesday night. The snow was really sticky and falling in clumped flakes, very wet snow, snowman snow. When I walked in the yard it went crunch crunch crunch. It was beautiful! (If you will also note the lovely stairs and railings my dad put on the porch last summer.) :)

Snow on a bush near my house on Wednesday morning. And snow on a different bush with berries downtown. I made Mom wait at a stoplight so I could get the picture. :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why Are All the Pretty Girls So Angry?

Well, it was cycle 10's premiere of America's Next Top Model last night. Why are they all so angry? Why must they fight, threaten, and be held back by one another? Oh, the drama begins and competition hasn't even started yet.

There was the one who wanted to do a lap dance for Mr. Jay and sang her own stripper music, which sounded a lot like, “Eeeeeeyahhhhhh… eeeeeeeyahhhhhh… eeeeeeyahhhhh.” Then the one who admitted she had a crush on Mr. Jay (which is not going to happen, sweetheart). The one who tawlked about how she was gonna pimp out her new Impala, yo. And Marvita, there for the second time, confessing that if she hadn’t been in therapy for the past year she woulda hit that girl. Oh! Oh! And the one who sat there saying, “I’m a bitch. I’m a bitch. I’m a bitch.” And then Fatima said, “Okay, you’re a bitch.” And then the other girl lost control and had to be dragged away. And don’t forget Claire, who offered Tyra, Miss Jay, and Mr. Jay some of her breast milk.

But my favorite so far is little blonde chick. Kimberly. Bless her heart. I see good things in her future as an entertainer. She worked as a bank teller and Tyra asked if she’d ever taken money and she said yes and Tyra said, “You have? You’ve taken money?” And Kimberly says, “You mean *steal* money? Oh, no! That’s a federal offense.” Thanks, Kimberly. You’re a special girl.

Kevin – who was there under duress – said, “They all sound so…”

“Ditzy?” I supplied helpfully.

“Yeah…” he murmured, his eyes already going glassy.

THAT, my friends, is the allure of America’s Next Top Model. Tune in next week to see Tyra yell at someone in judging. I’m very excited.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Burnin a Hole in My Carpet

So I got my tax refund and I really want to use a good portion of it to replace the carpeting in my living room, foyer, stairs, and upstairs hall. The current carpet is what I call Pepto-Bismol pink, though people assure me it's not that bad. I suspect it is from the 1980s, which seems to be the era in which most of the existing decor was completed. This is a picture of Logan on the stairs, displaying the lovely pink carpet.

What I would like to replace it with is a nice looped Berber in a kind of fawn color, something very neutral that hides dirt and dog hair. :) I haven't measured yet, but I did price some carpeting at Lowe's. If I installed it myself I know I could afford it, but I don't want to install it myself! Lowe's will do it for $200, which includes moving furniture, pulling up old carpet and putting new carpet on existing tack strip. It's extra to do stairs, though, and I'm not sure how much extra. I haven't asked that or if I could get a price break if I pull it up before they get there.

I want to look around before I make a final decision and see if I can get good carpeting anyplace else for less money, but none of the local places have websites so it's a matter of hoofing it from store to store. Does anyone know of a good place to go to get carpeting at a good price and not get ripped off?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

A crown, a crown, my kingdom for a crown!

So I had my first crown done on Tuesday. When I got there for my appointment, the dentist was like, "I see some shadows on your x-rays between the tooth we're doing and I think we should just go ahead and fill those while we're working on that tooth." Okay, sounds good to me. The crown was to replace a huge filling in my second to last molar on the bottom left side of my mouth. He thought they could save one cuspid (I think he called it) of the four on the tooth and the crown would basically fit over the remaining part of tooth and make a big new tooth.

And I'm sitting there with the numbing stuff on a stick trying to numb the outside of my skin so they can stick a needle through my skin to where it's not numb and make that numb too. Personally, I don't see the benefit of numbing the outside of the gum before you numb the inside, because the inside is where it really hurts when the needle goes in, right? And it did hurt because he put the needle in the juncture of my jaw, and I must say it is rather unpleasant. Then another shot on the outside gum closer to the tooth, and another one on the inside closer to the tooth. We wait a bit and the dentist says, "Your lips starting to feel puffy?" I said "No, I don't feel any numbing in my mouth at all." Which was the cue to have a couple more shots of novocaine.

So as they're drilling, which is always a thrill because you have the little whiny drill and the big clunky drill, and the occasional tooth smoke, the rushing water, the little suction thingie, and four hands working around in my mouth (which, contrary to popular belief, is NOT as big as you may think) I hear the dentist mumbling something about 'bigger than I thought' and 'have to replace it with a..." and etc, and I'm thinking that does not bode well for me.

So they get done drilling out the old filling and drilling out the new cavities and he tells me they're going to have to put a partial crown on the back tooth because the cavity was bigger than he'd thought but the other one would be a regular filling and something about one porcelain tooth, one ceramic tooth, or some such thing. Okay, fake teeth, that's what I'm here for.

Now, at my dentist's office, you get the whole crown done in one sitting. This is because my dentist has this REALLY cool software that I guess costs like $100,000, and you take pictures of the teeth and it makes 3-D images that they can rotate around and see through and everything and they design the new tooth exactly the way they want it and then they hit Save and send it to the little machine that grinds the new tooth out of a piece of porcelain. Pretty awesome, right? Instead of getting a temporary crown and having to go back in two weeks, the way a lot of dentists are still doing it. So I got to watch the little computer program as they looked at the image of my tooth and designed it.

The technician did the small filling and polished it all out while we waited for the partial crown to be carved. By that time my numbing was starting to wear off, so they gave me a couple more shots. NEAT! My mouth now feels like it's about triple its normal size and I'm drooling down the side of my face, but I'll work with it.

Partial crown in and my mouth is starting to ache from having my jaw wide open for so long. They carve the full crown and do some more drilling on my itsy bitsy tooth and now the air from the suction thingie is making my upper molar hurt, so he gives me a little novocaine up there and some more on the bottom and tries to put the crown in but, alas! It does not fit quite right.

So he takes some more pictures of my tooth, because apparently it works better if you take pictures of each tooth individually instead of trying to take two at once, and I watch him build the tooth on the computer and then I wait a while longer while the new tooth is carved and then he pops it in and I have new teeth! Except I have been in the chair for 3 hours with my jaw cracked open, and I gotta tell you, my mouth HURT. Well, okay, my mouth was too numb to hurt, but I could tell it was going to hurt very soon. And it did as the novocaine wore off. In fact, it reminded me less of getting a filling and more of when I had my wisdom teeth removed, except I was asleep for that one and just had the sore jaw after. It also felt as though my gum had been cut up with a razor blade because of the spacer and the dental floss tests.

So my recommendation is this - get a crown if you need it, but don't expect to eat dinner that night.