Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Dad's Art

Some of the art my dad has created.

UPDATE: March 2011

The one on the left is the beginning of a new "dab" painting. Read previous entries below to see what that means. :)

This is one Dad had painted a while back (and is pictured in a previous entry) but he felt it lacked something so he tweaked it a bit by adding pinks to the sky. It really changes the entire picture!

Dad did the same thing to this one.

He gave us the one on the right. :)

And the one on the left here.

Dad had displayed some skinny paintings in a local gallery and bunches of them sold so he has done some more! He places them above the fireplace to dry, and it really makes quite a display. This photo doesn't do it justice.

UPDATE: January 2010

Dad holding one of his paintings.

This is on a mini easel, about 3 inches tall.

These are now in my hallway.

Along with this one!


UPDATE: JUNE 23, 2009

Dad's most recent thing is making the perfect folding table. He's been experimenting with different ways of building the legs and the way the top hinges on. This is one unstained version.


I actually took these in February, but it's taken me a while to load them to the blog.

This was painted many years ago, I think before I was born. It's a little hard to see with the glare from the flash.

These are two wooden shapes my dad pieced together. Each triangle is a separate piece of wood he cut to fit.

Dad made this paintbrush holder. Simple idea for storing lots of brushes!

This is a boat, Puppy Breath, that dad made many years ago when he was in his boat-building phase.

This is a carved wooden dog paw. :)

His newer paintings on display. I bought him some oval canvases for Christmas.

Experimenting with oval shapes.

I like the use of color in this one.


The fireplace in his garage. He built it.

An instrument he built and gave to me. I chose this one because I liked the design and color, but the pegs don't stay in place to tune it. Some of the others he built are playable instruments.

Dad's Starry Night. He doesn't like the way it turned out because it was based on a computer print out of the original instead of the original itself.

Van Gogh's Starry Night

Paintings of various places on my Aunt & Uncle's land in Mongo and on Montgomery's land.

This one is almost cartoony to me. Very simple in detail, lots of color, lots of thick black lines. Dad has been experimenting with different techniques.

Painting of the tipi Dad made. It started out as a tipi and transformed through the years into a little summer cottage with a sun room and windows. No electricity or running water yet, but there is a fireplace inside and a cement floor. :)

Some of the pictures of paintings were taken at odd angles because Dad was looming over me, certain I was going to damage something.

Another painting of the tipi. I think the detail on these are very nice.

Dad showing a painting.

I love this because it's one he painted by cleaning paint off his brush (a "dab" painting). He didn't want to waste paint and overly dirty the water so he dabs the paint onto a fresh canvas and makes it into another painting. Very cool!

Dad showing two paintings and Mom trying to pretend she isn't in the picture. Logan is looking at her trying to figure out what she's doing. :) This was taken in the garage, where he has been doing his painting of late.

Dad did a lot of campfire pictures, trying to capture the look of fire. He said it was very difficult.

I like this one. It's about as abstract as I enjoy viewing. :)

Side view and front view of the same still life. These two are in my upstairs hall.

Something Dad made years ago based on cartoon curse words. :)

I love the detail on the branches here. I wish I had a better photo of this one.

This one also reminds me of a kind of cartoony look, like the original Winnie the Pooh, or maybe Beatrix Potter. Maybe The Little Prince! Is that the name of it?

The detail on this one is very nice. I wish I could have gotten a better picture, but the battery in my camera was about to die so I was trying to hurry.

A 20-sided table Dad made when he was in college. I have it in my living room.

Six Kittens Quilt, one Dad did years ago. I have it in the attic.

Two more of the "dab paintings" Dad made when cleaning off his brushes. These are in my computer room.

This is along the stairs.

This is in the foyer. The flash from my camera adds a bit of a glare. This is also one of my favorites.

These are in my bedroom.

I think this one is spectacular because you really feel like you're looking at a photograph and not a painting. As someone observed, it feels like you could walk right into it.

This is another of my favorites. The texture of the paint is rather hazy, giving it a romantic feel.

Dad made the frame on this one. I think it's kind of fun!

Dad felt this one wasn't finished. Too monochromatic. But that's one of the reasons I like this one.

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