Thursday, December 30, 2010


Of course, I have never been through a real earthquake. But I have felt 3 small ones. The first one was several years ago when I still lived with my parents. Mom and I were in the kitchen getting dinner and the house started to shake. We looked at each other and then ran outside. We both thought the furnace was getting ready to explode. All our neighbors were also running outside but the next door neighbors, who had been working in the yard, didn't feel anything.

The next one I remember was only a couple years ago. I think it happened about 4:00am and it woke me up. I remember the glass candle holder on my dresser making tinkly glass noises and the whole bed shaking.

The one this morning was minor. Again, I was in bed, sitting up and getting ready to start my day. The dog slept through it but all the cats were on the bed with me and their ears all flattened back and they looked around and at me in alarm. It only lasted a few seconds and when I checked with Mom and Kevin, neither had felt it. Apparently, there was a 4.2 earthquake in Kokomo! Pretty decent size for this area.

According to, Indiana has had a few notable earthquakes:

1827 Jul 5 11:30 4.8M Intensity VI
Near New Harmony, Indiana ( 38.0N 87.5W )
The earthquake cracked a brick store at New Harmony, Ind., and greatly alarmed some people. It was described as violent at New Madrid, Mo., and severe at St. Louis. It also alarmed many at Cincinnati, Ohio, and Frankfort, Ky.

1887 Feb 6 22:15 4.6M Intensity VI
Near Vincennes, Indiana ( 38.7N 87.5W )
This shock was strongest in southwest Indiana and southeast Illinois. Plaster was shaken from walls at Vincennes, Ind., and west of Terre Haute, at Martinsville, Ill.; a cornice reportedly fell from a building at Huntington, Ind. It was felt distinctly at Evansville, Ind., but only slightly in the outskirts of St. Louis, Mo. Also reported felt at Louisville, Ky.

1891 Jul 27 02:28 4.1M Intensity VI
Evansville, Indiana ( 37.9N 87.5W )
A strong local earthquake damaged a wall on a hotel, broke dishes, and overturned furniture at Evansville. The shock also was strong near Evansville at Mount Vernon and Newburgh, Ind., and at Hawesville, Henderson, and Owensboro, Ky.

1909 Sep 27 09:45 5.10M Intensity VII
Wabash River Valley, near Terre Haute, Indiana
At Terre Haute (Vigo County), two chimneys were thrown down, plaster was cracked, and pictures were shaken from walls. At Covington, north of Terre Haute in Fountain County, a few chimneys were downed and windows were broken. Chimneys were "jarred loose" south of Vincennes at Princeton, Indiana, one chimney was shaken to pieces at Olivette, Missouri (a suburb of St. Louis), and a brick wall was shaken down at St. Louis, Missouri. Also reported felt in Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee.

1921 Mar 14 12:15 4.4M Intensity VI
Near Terre Haute, Indiana ( 39.5N 87.5W )
This earthquake broke windows in many buildings and sent residents rushing into the streets at Terre Haute. Small articles were overturned at Paris, Ill., about 35 km northwest of Terre Haute.

1925 Apr 27 04:05 4.8M Intensity VI
Wabash River valley, near Princeton, Indiana ( 38.2N 87.8W )
Chimneys were downed at Princeton and at Carmi, Ill., 100 km southwest; chimneys were broken at Louisville, Ky. Crowds fled from the theaters at Evansville, Ind. The felt area includes parts of Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, and Ohio.

If you noticed that many of these seem to have been in the southern part of the state, you're right. Why? The New Madrid Fault Line and the Wabash Valley Fault Zone. The New Madrid Zone is not in Indiana, but is close enough to cause trouble should there be a large earthquake there. The Wabash Valley Zone is in southern Indiana and Illinois.

"The New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-1812 rank as some of the largest in the United States since its settlement by Europeans. They were by far the largest east of the Rocky Mountains in the U.S. and Canada. The area of strong shaking associated with these shocks is two to three times as large as that of the 1964 Alaska earthquake and 10 times as large as that of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Because there were no seismographs in North America at that time, and very few people in the New Madrid region, the estimated magnitudes of this series of earthquakes vary considerably and depend on modern researchers' interpretations of journals, newspaper reports, and other accounts of the ground shaking and damage." [I added the italics. :)]

Has anyone been in a strongly-felt earthquake before?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Missed My Chance!

Marra just sent me a link to People's Cats in Christmas Trees. Dang it! I could have been famous!

Check it out here.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kitty Pics

This is Indy hiding behind the tree.

This is Yoshi inside the tree with big ornery kitty eyes looking for trouble.

This is Dylan under the tree after yanking his antlers down to his chin. The kitties LOVE to have things put on their heads.

This is Logan with his red and white jingle bell collar and shoulder wraps. That's baby kitty Yoshi sitting in front of him - not so little anymore!

And this is Oona with her Santa hat on. Doesn't she look like she's having fun?!

Cats and Christmas

So last night I dragged all the wrapping stuff downstairs so I could wrap the gifts I have purchased so far and get them under the tree. And I had helpers. Five helpers, to be exact, though Indy didn't stay long.

First of all, I kept having to shoo Oona away from one of the bags, so I picked it up to see what was in there and it was the cat and dog presents - rawhide candy cane, crinkly sparkly things, and catnip mice. Aha! Catnip mice! So I took the bag into the dining room and poured everything out onto the dresser there and started taking off big tags and packaging so I could put them in the stockings (Logan has his own and the kitties share).

As soon as I was done putting the items in the stockings and taking the trash away, Indy and Oona were on the dresser sniffing the dresser. Then Oona jumped on Indy and put her teeth around Indy's neck and just stood there for a minute, and then both cats jumped down. Indy did a strange sideways crooked pounce at Yoshi before running away, and Oona tore off into the basement. So... catnip maybe not such a good idea? We'll see on Christmas morning.

I also had a bag with chocolate, pretzels, and marshmallows in it - yes, it's a Christmas gift - and the cats then became interested in that. I decided no amount of packaging was going to keep the items safe, so back upstairs it went. I just hope we don't forget to take it with us to the gift exchange!

Of course the cats had to walk on the wrapping paper, but since we got rid of the carpet and have hardwood floors, they did not tear through the paper with their paws. Yoshi kept launching himself into plastic bags and getting his head stuck in the handles, and then he decided to climb the tree and hang out for a while. Dylan kept walking into the container holding the tissue paper and boxes, and I kept having to remove him.

Anytime I had to remove a cat and would say "No," Logan would come to hover at my side with sad puppy eyes, wanting to make sure I was okay and not mad at him. So I kept having to tell him to go lay down. Did I mention my darling husband was upstairs laughing at my emotional distress?

Then when I went to put the wrapped presents under the tree, three cats decided it was time to go under the tree. I would remove Dylan and turn back and there would be Yoshi. I would remove Yoshi and turn back and there would be Oona. I would remove Oona and turn back and Yoshi would be trying to climb the tree. Etc. Finally I was like, "Everyone get back!" They did scatter at that point, if only for a few moments.

When Kevin came down I suggested moving a set of glass candle holders we had received as a wedding present, as they stood under the cat stocking and I just had a feeling. Good thing, too, because this morning when Kevin got up and went downstairs, they had knocked the stocking down, along with its heavy metal holder. He didn't know if they'd removed anything from it, but he stuffed everything he could see back in and hung it back up. So maybe we need to remove the catnip until Christmas day.