Monday, March 25, 2013

Giraffe Facts!

I got these out of this month's Mental Floss magazine. Interesting!

The nine giraffe subspecies - and individual animals - can be distinguished by their unique coat patterns, which break up their shape as camouflage but also help them to identify one another.

At full tilt, a giraffe can reach 37 mph.

Giraffe hooves are lethal weapons. The animals' kicks are strong enough to kill lions, their main predator.

Giraffes have just two gears, and they swing differently at each one. When walking, they move the front and back legs of one side together and then the other. When galloping, they bunny hop, moving their back legs together and then the front ones.

Giraffes can close their nostrils at will, which is good because their hair secretes a stinky mix of bacteria- and parasite-repelling compounds that can be smelled from up to 800 feet away.

A giraffe's 20-inch black tongue and prehensile lips are covered in small hard bumps called papillae that protect it as it eats from thorny acacia trees.

Despite their impressive length, giraffe's necks have exactly seven vertabrae, the same as most other  mammals; their vertabrae are just exceptionally long (each is 11 inches compared with about half an inch for humans).

The giraffe's laryngeal nerve runs from the brain down the neck to the heart and then back up to the larynx; at 15 feet, it's the longest nerve in the animal kingdom.

The giraffe's circulatory system is adapted - by way of a 25-pound heart and one-way valves - to pump blood up the neck when the head is up and keep it from rushing down when the head is lowered. Scientists have to be mindful of this when chasing down giraffes for study. Because of their high blood pressure, giraffes are prone to heart attacks.

People used to think that giraffes were mute, but they actually communicate infrasonically (via very low tones that are undetectable to the human ear).

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Fashion again. I have finished going through the fashion for fall and have decided the following:

1. Too much shiny leather

2. Too much mustard/baby peas color

3. Too many puffy sleeves


4. Too many droopy shoulders or big rolled shoulders

5. Too many skirts cut short in the front and long in back

I do, however, kind of like this one. Kind of sexy.

6. Too many strange patterns

7. Too many rounded coats

8. Too many bruised, tired, and uglied-up models

9. Too much weird sheer

10. Too much fur

(I know that's a lot of fur, but it was EVERYWHERE. I'm not sure if there was a designer who did NOT have fur in their collection.)

11. Too many pants with skirts

12. Too many huge cuffs

13. Too many bad waist lines

14. Too many knee-length skirts (I know they're supposedly flattering, but I'd always thought they either make your legs look fatter or make you look shorter. Also, most knees are unattractive.)

15. Too many shapeless blobs

16. Too many pointless baby pull-up pants

17. Too much gold

18. Too much animal print

19. Too many layers

20. Too many big bows

21. Too many pantsuits

22. Too much metallic

23. Too many 1980s Brooke Shields eyebrows

Not that Brooke Shields eyebrows are necessarily bad. It just seems to be the trend.

24. Too much one-sleeve stuff

25. Too many ruffles

Also, baggy pants are back, though those don't bother me as much. And leather jackets are also a big presence. And long gloves that stretch to above the elbow, though I found those kind of cool. Lots of high leather boots, which I adore.  :)

Lest you think all the models have been beaten before the show, let me show you a few whose makeup I thought looked very nice.

I'm not a huge fan of red lipstick but with the rest of her makeup it doesn't look harsh.

Love the freckles!

I'm not sure if it's her make up I love or just her gorgeous face.

 I envy women who can get their hair to do this. I also love redheads. Though this particular model looks about 12 years old.