Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sandy's Idea List

Sandy says: gift certificates to Von Maur!

gift cards:
Sundance catalog (www.sundancecatalog.com)
Von Maur
Fresh Market
Sarah Jane's Yarn Shoppe (North Anthony)
The Cameo (Illinois Rd - for hair and pedicures with Connie)
Eddie Bauer
Acacia catalog
McDonald's (Cokes)
Loaf N Ladle (muffins)
Birkenstock shoes (so a place that sells Birkenstocks)
Mike's Car Wash

likes People, Real Simple magazines

She's not into "stuff" but does like gourd items and birdhouses. She collects original Fiestaware. She likes Marjolein Bastien items from Hallmark. Homemade or DeBrand's caramels.

No earrings or necklaces. No wool, fragranced items, skincare items, or anything that could give her a rash!

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