Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pictures of Gooch, Lily, Hollie, and Treble

This is the old Gooch Pooch, aka MacGuyver, aka MacG, aka Poindexter. I'm sure we had other nicknames for him. He would answer to anything. :)

I'm pretty sure I tossed him in the flowers so I could get a cute picture of him walking in flowers.

Poor, pitiful little Treble after his first bath. He didn't get many more. I could tell he considered it torture.

Lily is in the top left of the picture. My strongest memory of her is when I heard plaintive meowing and went to see what was going on. She had started to climb a lace curtain that blocked off a closet and she'd gotten herself stuck. Treble was sitting on the floor staring at her with concern. They were so itty bitty!

Treble destroys a catnip mouse on the lovely red 1960s shag carpeting in our living room on Hoagland Avenue.

Gooch channels his inner wolf.

Gooch chews on treble's head.

Gooch and Treble on the stairs shortly after Lily died.

Hollie Ann McKitty. How could I resist her?

MacGuyver and Hollie. I always maintained they were having an illicit affair. He would lick her ears and she would snuggle against him to take naps.

Treble, looking very glossy. Before he was neutered, he did not have a belly. After, however, he developed the neutered kitty paunch.

Mom relaxing with the three kids.

Treble and Hollie. They were sweet little imps!

Treble on his post. He was always shiny like this, until the very end. Such a handsome fellow. One thing I loved about him was when I would pet him from head to the end of his tail, he would let his tail fall in slow motion back down to the ground. Most kitties just let their tails flop, but he made it into a very graceful movement.

Yes, that's me, circa 1995. I had gotten my hair permed that morning and the next day all the curl had disappeared (but I had split ends until the permed part grew out).

The cats never seemed to enjoy posing for pictures like this. I also made them wear Santa hats for Christmas, and MacGuyver had a set of reindeer antlers. :)

These were all taken from the photo album from the first year I had my babies. Looking at their early pictures was bittersweet, but it did make me feel a little better. It was such a long, long time ago!

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Matthew said...

Such great pics of the wee-beesties! They all were so cute and grew to great companions, except for poor Lily. But, the 13-15 years you had the rest of 'em were full of great memories.

Oh, and I remember that red shag carpeting...ugh..gurl! :)