Wednesday, November 19, 2008

May I introduce you to the newest members of my family, Dylan Charlie Mischka and Oona Lily. They were adopted from the ACSPCA shortly after Treble passed away. The name they had given Dylan was Barkley and Oona was named Pride. They were from two different litters of kittens and all their siblings had been adopted already. Dylan was about 6 months old and Oona was about 4 months. They are both tabbies, but Dylan has a bit more brown in his coat and Oona is more dark grey.

Dylan is the leader, usually. If he goes upstairs, Oona will follow, and if he goes into another room she will be right behind him, but she will wander in by herself to check things out. Dylan is more laid back and took to Logan faster. Dylan is also a pip because he will come and lay on Oona if she is on my lap and he’ll act all innocent like he doesn’t realize she’s there. He will also jump on her and start biting and playing, even if she is asleep.

Oona loves to crawl around my neck and rub against my face and she thinks the best resting place is on my chest. I keep telling her it’s not going to work much longer, because she’s getting too big now, but she still tries. Oona has the most marvelous tail. It's a little poofy and when you pet her, it curls over her back and touches the back of her head.

They both stretch across my neck when I’m laying down, or curl up beside my head and purr. They LOVE to be held. You can pick Dylan up and he’ll just let you flop him around any old way. (Dylan)
Mom called him a lap slut because one morning she was holding him and got up to leave and he came running to me and plopped in my lap before I could get up. He just wants a lap, anywhere.

Dylan is more talkative and does that cat thing where he’ll go into another room and meow plaintively until you call him or go get him. Oona does her little chirp when she wants your attention, but is pretty quiet otherwise.

She also loves to be held or curl up beside you. This is a picture I had to take with the flash off because when I had the flash on, she would close her eyes too fast every time!

And how did Logan handle it? At first he was sooooooooooo excited. I kept him on a leash once I started letting them wander and he would wear himself out whining and shaking and watching them. Now he’s in jealous puppy mode and wants to make sure he gets his share of attention. Though today Oona and Dylan were playing and a couple of times Logan went to inspect their activity. I think he might eventually play with them and I can tell Dylan wants to, but Oona doesn’t seem as keen on it yet. :)


mrssnowqueen said...

They are adorable. My cat Cleo is a calico as well. She has never acclimated to our dog. She is Queen of the house and the dog knows it. You have to love pets!

Matthew said...

Well, I am so pleased to see you adopted 2 kitties! I can't wait to see them. They're so cute and from what you wrote, they seem perfect for ya!