Thursday, July 9, 2009


I am giving a try, so bear with me. I moved over all my general fiction books that are currently on my blog and if I like GoodReads, I will move all my books over.

I don't know how it all works yet. I tried to delete a couple of shelves after I couldn't find a way to edit the names I gave them, but they were still showing on my screen so I am hoping they will disappear after I sign out and sign back in. If not, does anyone know how to get rid of them?

I also tried to add friends but it didn't look like anything happened and then when I went to check my friends list it was empty, so I tried it again. Hopefully no one got multiple messages from me! If so, I'm sorry!

I tried AllConsuming as part of the Learning 2.0 process, but I was not crazy about it and only loaded a few items to it. However, I am already wondering about the restriction of GoodReads - I would like a cool place to put books AND movies (on one site). If any of you have some recommendations, I would be happy to hear from you!

UPDATE: A few minutes later!

I figured out how to delete the shelves! Yaay! :) And I now have 2 friends! Double yaay!

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Melissa said...

I love goodreads. I've had some interesting arguments with my friends concerning specific books and characters, some of them very heated. Based on the updates I receive of my friends reviews, I have discovered new books and introduced my friends to others.