Thursday, December 3, 2009

Finished Catching Fire

Sigh. I finished the book last night. It was soooooooooo good! The third book in the trilogy, The Victors, is not due out until sometime in 2010 - crap! I want to read it noooooowwwwwwww!

If you have not yet started to read The Hunger Games and its sequel Catching Fire, you really should. They are classified as YA lit, but I think adults should find them appealing as well - I do! They are fast reads and hard to put down. I was trying to describe the plot to Kevin and I know I did a horrible job, but there is so much that happens!

Lionsgate has acquired the movie rights to the books. If you have read them, who do you see in the roles? I am a little concerned because Lionsgate has been the distributor of such films as Saw and lots of films I have never heard of that have such thrilling titles as Serial Killing 4 Dummies. Hmm. A little trepidation here.


Melissa said...

Told you the ending would shock you. I love this book series. When the new book comes out, we'll start a tree to share the book.

I'm glad you had a hard time explaining the plot to Kevin cause I struggled with explaining it to you. It's just amazing, what else is there to say, except people need to read it.

As for the movie rights...Summit didn't have a good track record prior to Twilight and they managed to mishandle it (IMO), so there is an example of what we have to look forward to, but it obviously doesn't prevent me from viewing the movie. :)

Sarai said...

The ending didn't shock me, per se... Shock is such a strong word. It definitely left me in agony, though! (Another strong word - not surprised, just desperate for the next one!) :) It's such a good series. I still can't figure out who I want Katniss to be in love with or what kind of ending will make me happy!