Saturday, January 30, 2010

Angel of Death

Have any of you ever read Lurlene McDaniel? She has such sunny teen titles as:

Don't Die, My Love
Mother, Please Don't Die
Telling Christina Goodbye
The Girl Death Left behind
All the Days of Her Life
Let Him Live
Mother, Help Me Live
Mourning Song
Reach for Tomorrow
A Season for Goodbye
She Died Too Young
Sixteen and Dying
Someone Dies, Someone Lives
A Time to Die

Etc. I was weeding our paperbacks this week and came across many of these cheery books. It made me want to go out and eat something with protein, like a big steak. I had to wash my hands, too. I felt all syrupy and sad for some reason. Lisa calls her the Angel of Death author.

I felt the need to make snarky remarks.

All the Days of Her Life (which undoubtedly won't be many)
Mother, Help Me Live (and then you can die in a different book)
Reach for Tomorrow (but it won't matter because you're in a Lurlene McDaniel book)
Someone Dies, Someone Lives (but mostly they die)


Some of the book covers are amazing, too.
The big blue eyes and clean-scrubbed face...
I love the snarl on her face. She's obviously heading for trouble, and a motorcycle crash.
After playing sappy guitar music and staring longingly out the window.
But I can't because I am in a Lurlene McDaniel book.

It's like being a relative of Jessica Fletcher on Murder, She Wrote. You dread the letter saying old Aunt Jessie is coming to visit because you just know you're going to end up in jail for a murder you didn't commit. Holy crap, I'm in a Lurlene McDaniel book - my days are numbered!

Are there any special books or book covers that have stuck in your mind through the years, for reasons good or bad?

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