Monday, April 12, 2010

BMV Update!

So I went to the BMV and they would not give me a new license because the marriage license I had was a photocopy and not the original. When I explained the original had been taken by the post office to get my passport renewed, they simply did not care, even though I had the name change receipt from the social security office and my passport receipt from the post office. Not good enough. She told me I would have to go to the courthouse and get another certified copy of my marriage license, which I would have to pay for.

She also told me even though the website says you have to have your license within 30 days of the name change event, you don't. So the BMV can wait until I get my original documents back from the post office in 4-6 weeks. I'm sure I won't run into any problems when I go back in, mmm hmm.

You may visit me in jail.

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SidneyKay said...

I think it's time for a letter to your governor...or your state representative, don't know who that is GiaQuinta I think