Sunday, September 12, 2010

Translation, please?

This is one of my questions for this week's class. Can someone please tell me what the question is?

"Relying on your past experience using libraries for yourself do you find yourself using a particular classification the more familiar you got with that collection the more comfortable your find yourself, maybe there is more than one collection for you?"


Sarai said...

Lynn says:

Ha ha ha! I could have written that! What with the stream if consciousness rambling and the mid sentence tense changes ;-)

Strange question though. I would imagine most people using libraries would search for info by asking the librarian. Or, really old people like me would have memories of using index cards. Do most people really use classification systems to search? I've always gone to the section I wanted and just browsed.

It's confusing though. Is the question what library search facility do you use or is the question asking how you look up books (title, author, isbn, Dewey decimal).

Sarai said...

Kevin says:
HUH? Is this a runon. WTF. Can I share this with Melissa Kiser? She might get a kick out of it.

Sarai said...

Matt says:
How about: If you like say, Fiction, tend to read just Fiction,or are there other kinds of books from the library you enjoy?