Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cats and Christmas

So last night I dragged all the wrapping stuff downstairs so I could wrap the gifts I have purchased so far and get them under the tree. And I had helpers. Five helpers, to be exact, though Indy didn't stay long.

First of all, I kept having to shoo Oona away from one of the bags, so I picked it up to see what was in there and it was the cat and dog presents - rawhide candy cane, crinkly sparkly things, and catnip mice. Aha! Catnip mice! So I took the bag into the dining room and poured everything out onto the dresser there and started taking off big tags and packaging so I could put them in the stockings (Logan has his own and the kitties share).

As soon as I was done putting the items in the stockings and taking the trash away, Indy and Oona were on the dresser sniffing the dresser. Then Oona jumped on Indy and put her teeth around Indy's neck and just stood there for a minute, and then both cats jumped down. Indy did a strange sideways crooked pounce at Yoshi before running away, and Oona tore off into the basement. So... catnip maybe not such a good idea? We'll see on Christmas morning.

I also had a bag with chocolate, pretzels, and marshmallows in it - yes, it's a Christmas gift - and the cats then became interested in that. I decided no amount of packaging was going to keep the items safe, so back upstairs it went. I just hope we don't forget to take it with us to the gift exchange!

Of course the cats had to walk on the wrapping paper, but since we got rid of the carpet and have hardwood floors, they did not tear through the paper with their paws. Yoshi kept launching himself into plastic bags and getting his head stuck in the handles, and then he decided to climb the tree and hang out for a while. Dylan kept walking into the container holding the tissue paper and boxes, and I kept having to remove him.

Anytime I had to remove a cat and would say "No," Logan would come to hover at my side with sad puppy eyes, wanting to make sure I was okay and not mad at him. So I kept having to tell him to go lay down. Did I mention my darling husband was upstairs laughing at my emotional distress?

Then when I went to put the wrapped presents under the tree, three cats decided it was time to go under the tree. I would remove Dylan and turn back and there would be Yoshi. I would remove Yoshi and turn back and there would be Oona. I would remove Oona and turn back and Yoshi would be trying to climb the tree. Etc. Finally I was like, "Everyone get back!" They did scatter at that point, if only for a few moments.

When Kevin came down I suggested moving a set of glass candle holders we had received as a wedding present, as they stood under the cat stocking and I just had a feeling. Good thing, too, because this morning when Kevin got up and went downstairs, they had knocked the stocking down, along with its heavy metal holder. He didn't know if they'd removed anything from it, but he stuffed everything he could see back in and hung it back up. So maybe we need to remove the catnip until Christmas day.


SidneyKay said...

I think removing any catnip articles would be a very good idea. Especially since you have a long way to go till Christmas.

Melissa said...

Hide the catnip! Otherwise every morning you'll discover the stockings on the ground. I'm glad to know your animals try to help with decorations much in the same manner as mine and that you have stocking for the animals.

Janet said...

Welcome to my world. Try scrapbooking with them. Goodness, my cats lie across layouts, run off with little stickers, etc. Then Peter will lay across the keyboard, usually when I am entering in grades or making a comment on a paper, and delete everything.