Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sarai and Colette's "Well, that's dumb"

Welcome to Sarai and Colette's Well, That's Dumb series. It began as a simple conversation about how people do the dumbest things and we just don't get it. We, of course, never do dumb things because we are Better Than That. :)

Dumb thing #1: I had seen this before and it always made me crazy, but then I saw it again on the Fail blog. You know what I'm talking about - those little stick figure stickers people have started putting on the back of their vehicles, which tells the world how many children they have and what ages they are. The one on the Fail blog also had the children's names listed.

Why is this dumb? Ax murderers, people! (You will no doubt hear more about ax murderers in this series in the future. They are my favorite bad guy.) Child molesters, kidnappers, Bad Guys. Why would you want to broadcast such personal information to a bunch of strangers? They probably do the same thing on their Facebook accounts, adding, "We'll be home tonight between Ashley's piano lessons and Connor's baseball practice, so come visit!"