Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Les Mis - Of Course, I Cried.

Mom and Kevin and I went to see Les Mis last Saturday. I brought a box of tissues. I should say that I have the 10-year anniversary on VHS, the 25-year anniversary on DVD, the original soundtrack, and have seen the play twice. So, yes, I'm a fan already. And yes, I can hardly get through singing along without tearing up.

I loved the movie.

OMG, Anne Hathaway was HEARTBREAKING. Her singing and her acting. If she does not get the Oscar, it will be a crime. Personally, I think she was much better than the singer on the original soundtrack, who kind of had a yelling voice, and in the 10th anniversary, and though I like Lea Salonga in the 25th anniversary, I think Anne Hathaway's rendition is my favorite, partly because they could get close-ups of her tragic expressions.

I liked the voices of the Aaron Tveit as the student leader Enjolras, and Eddie Redmayne's Marius. Amanda Seyfried's voice, which I had never heard, was interesting - she's got quite the tremolo going. It reminded me a bit of Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Samantha Barks did an excellent job as Eponine, though the coughing in her dying scene was a bit fake-sounding and her acting was a tiny bit stagey.

Hugh Jackman was, of course, splendid. I thought Russell Crowe's voice was a little too whispery for the role of Javert, but he brought a depth to the character I have not seen before. I also liked the song the young Cosette sang, which I never have before. I loved the way she whispered, "I love you very much." Poor Gavroche; I have always found him annoying and this was no different.

Mom and I were not crazy about the song they added, Suddenly, but we cried for just about every other song. And Kevin and I have had the songs in our heads ever since we saw the movie. We're picking up the soundtrack tonight.

Overall, the acting was great, the songs and singing were great, and we all loved it.  :)

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