Monday, September 26, 2016

M- m- m- my patronus

I got this notice from Pottermore that I could go in and find out what my patronus is. So I went in on my laptop using Firefox and the animation was jumpy and jerky. The camera was like panning through the trees, and it kind of gave me motion sickness, and the words came across the screen were loading really slow, and half the time one of the words was partially hidden by a tree, and sometimes it was two words and sometimes three, so I was never sure if all the words were showing yet or not. By the time I would click on one, it said I was too slow and had to start over. I tried it in Edge, and the same thing happened. So I had to load Chrome onto my laptop. In Chrome, it was a stationary background and the words all showed on the screen at the same time, and it only asked me three questions, and then it gave me... a dragonfly. My patronus is a bug. Kevin got a West Highland Terrier. Courtney's sister got a deerhound and someone else she knows got another kind of dog. I got a freaking bug! How is that going to keep the dementor's away?????

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Kevin Wells said...

It's not what your Patronus is but that you can conjure one up. Lupin say's many qualified wizards find it difficult. What counts is whether or not you can cast the spell while in the presence of Dementors.