Monday, January 1, 2007

Mom's Brilliant Idea

After the Demented Debacle of December 2006, my house was a wreck and full of many bad vibes. I stayed with a friend for a couple of weeks, partly to make sure Moron was actually gone for good and not going to make a repeat performance, and partly to start working through my qualms about living in the house after everything that had happened. I also had no idea how I was going to clean everything by myself, because a lot needed to be done. It was all quite depressing.

That is when my mom had her brilliant idea. She suggested having a cleansing party where friends and family coould come over and help me clean. We would make a day of it and people could come and go as they were able. I would have food and beverages and at the end of the day people could stay the night with me to help keep the heebie jeebies away.

It worked splendidly. My mom, Kevin, Annette, Charlene, Judy, Janet, Chelle, and Edith were able to make it at various times during the day and we cleaned our little hearts out. Marilynn also donated a bag of good-vibe-spreading items. Many things were trashed, washed, sorted, scrubbed, dusted, vacuumed, rewired, and fixed. At the end of the day Chelle and Edith stayed the night and we had a bonfire in the back yard and burned paper remnants and other debris, and waved sparklers of independence.

Sincere thanks to everyone who helped make my home into a happy place again. I love you guys!!!

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