Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dream Big

My next door neighbors have not returned to their house in a while (that I have seen). They were here a couple of times moving stuff out of their house, and now there is a Condemned sign on the front door. I mowed their front lawn once and my other neighbor mowed it twice, but the weeds in the back yard are about waist high now (my other neighbor was in there with his weed whacker earlier today while I was painting the back porch).

I don't know if they're coming back or not. I called the neighborhood association but they didn't know anything about it and suggested I try Neighborhood Code, which is of course closed until Tuesday (by which time I'll forget).

Dad was saying he knew someone who bought land on either side of their house when their neighbors' homes were condemned and that as he recalled the price was not very high.

So my dream - dream, mind you - is that if they aren't coming back and the house is torn down and the land goes for sale that I would buy the land for really cheap and take down the chain link fence between us. Mow the grass, have the bushes and trees removed. There's also a small garage/shed that would have to go bye-bye.

Then, in my dream, I would have my dad build a wooden fence around my new big back yard like he has for their back yard. And I would get a pool! A deck with a pool. I'd have room for my pergola and hammock space and even room for a grill. Lots of space for the dogs to run.

Ah. It's a nice dream. :)

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