Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sarai Vents!

I'm taking a page from my significant other and venting a bit.

First of all, I hate the little confirmation words you type in on certain websites to prove you're using a valid computer or whatever the reason is. I don't mind typing in the word, but now they're making them squiggly and greyed out and crossed through so you couldn't type in the word if you WANTED to. I hate that!

Second, have you seen the commercial for some cholesterol medication, with the Jarvik heart guy? I swear, he looks like a serial killer. He's almost, but not QUITE as scary as Carrottop.

However, I love the commercial where the baby is talking to the screen and he's saying he invested money or something and used the money to rent a clown, who is in the background, and that he underestimated the creepiness. I LOVE THAT. I have an aversion to clowns (sorry, Scott!). They've always freaked me out and I'm not alone - have you ever seen Poltergeist with the toy clown under the bed? Stephen King's television movie It? Killer Klowns from Outer Space? Hollywood knows.

Oh! I also hate the commercial for Brinks Home Security where the husband and wife are in bed and she hears something and tells him she heard something and he says, "It's our first night in the new house. Do you want me to go check?" I always think, "WELL, DUH, MORON!" He comes across as so patronizing that I love to see him scurry back to the bedroom in fear. All that's missing is for him to shriek like a little girl. And why do we care that they just moved into a new house? Does this mean they were tragically mistaken about their choice in neighborhood? Will Brinks help with that, too?

That's my tirade... for today...


Edith said...

That Brinks commercial bothers me, too. Like he has to tell her it's the first night in the new house. Because she has no idea. She thought they'd been living there for months now.

Kevin said...

Glad to see you are following my lead. That gibberish is supposed to prevent spammers. So they say.

As for the medicine ads. Notice how they go through the warning. There is a birth control ad and you have a group of women in a living room discussing the side effects of it. "tell your doctor if you blah blah blah. You should n=smoke while you are taking this medicine... blah blah blah." Who really discusses the side effects of medicine like this? Nobody. Except for these ads. one advertiser finally got the point and now instead of them saying tell your doctor if you are yadayadayada. The doctor is telling his patient, "Let me know if you are..." That was silly anyway. Shouldn't your doctor already know what you are taking? Mine does.

I do love the talking investment baby ad. That one is cool. You are also right about the security ad. I mean why do we care if they just moved in. Make me wonder if the only thing they could afford was a house in a low rent, high crime neighborhood. Not a good investment if you ask me. Also, where was the club, gun, or the Mag-Lite? A real man would have grabbed one of those items in that situation. Instead we see a panzy incapable of protecting his woman.

Love You!