Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mythbusters Fun

Have you ever watched the show Mythbusters? I like this show. They were doing all sorts of things for Shark Week, like having one guy go in the water and thrash and one guy play dead. They were in shark resistant chain mail, in water in the Bahamas, which apparently has the highest concentration of sharks anywhere. It was pretty amazing to see the number of sharks just swimming around the boat. Then when the guys went in the water, the thrashing man definitely drew a lot more attention. Did I mention they had dead fish stuck down their pants?

They also did one where they went down to a shipwreck at night, one night without lights and one night with, and the flashlights drew a lot more sharks than the darkness.

Oh, they also verified that sharks can see prey above the water and will jump up to eat stuff. They made baby sharks repel from magnets, but the adult sharks didn't seem to care too much. And adult sharks were not bothered by hot peppers. They're about to test whether someone being attacked by a shark has enough time to poke the shark in the eyes. I have always heard you should punch them on the nose, but poking in the eyes probably works too. They built a giant shark for the test. :)

These people look like they have a lot of fun at work, though. They're always so excited to build robot dogs and animatronic sharks and blow things up and drop things from great heights. I don't think I would be too keen on going underwater in the dark to attract sharks, though!

A farmer thought he was just putting dinner on the table when he picked up an axe and beheaded one of his chickens. Turned out he had a legend on his hands after the now headless rooster bobbed and weaved back to the henhouse and lived for 18 more months -- without a head.

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The answer?

TRUE! Lloyd Olsen of Fruita, Colo., did indeed own the world's only surviving headless chicken, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. He wielded the infamous axe in September 1945, unaware that he and his rooster would go down in history.

The animal, now dubbed Mike and celebrated with a festival, Web sites and various magazine articles, apparently survived because the blade missed his jugular vein and a clot prevented him from bleeding to death. The axe blow landed high enough that most of the chicken's brain stem and one ear remained intact. Olsen kept the animal fed and watered by inserting an eyedropper directly into his gullet. Eighteen months after the chicken lost his head he choked to death in a motel room. Residents of Fruita remember Mike as "a big fat chicken who didn't know he didn't have a head."

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