Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Big Move

Edith moved to a cute little house this weekend. Her friend Lizzy's grandmother was just moved to assisted living and her family is renting the house to Edith - at a great price, which I won't share because it would just make you sick to death.

The neighborhood is nice. I saw 5 people walking their retrievers and labradors while we moved stuff out of the truck. There were also joggers and groups of young adults. Someone stopped by and welcomed her to the neighborhood.

The house is great. There is a living/dining room, kitchen, breakfast nook, bedroom, bathroom, utility room (complete with extra, corner-fitted toilet), craft room, and a sun room that rocks. There is a fenced in back yard with some rose bushes.

The light fixtures are really over the top, and the wallpaper in the breakfast nook and the bedroom would drive me batty, but it also has these really awesome features like a toothbrush holder that hides behind the wall, glasstop stove, drawer dishwashers (yes, 2), a gas fireplace... Closets everywhere. It really is envy-inspiring.

There are also a few pieces of furniture left in the house until relatives come to take them, including a grand piano. But Edith's stuff has been moved in and she is making herself at home. She's very excited! :) Yaay!!!!!

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