Sunday, May 31, 2009


Kevin and I went to see Up! in 3D this evening. What fun! As Kevin said when we were leaving: "I laughed... I cried... I laughed... I cried."

I really want a sweatshirt with the image of the house aloft with all the balloons overhead.I went to the official site and they didn't have any! DUH, folks!

This is a great movie. The animation is wonderful fantastic. The 3D is not essential, but it is fun to see it that way. And we honestly did cry, a couple of times. Not bawling, though there was one little one in the theatre who was sobbing when Kevin - in the movie - was taken away. We laughed lots. The movie is heart-warming, poignant, sweet, and silly. It's a win!

We also really enjoyed the short film before the film. Something about the clouds, but I can't remember the title. Very cute.

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