Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sarai Knits!

I finished the hat I've been knitting for my mom!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! I finished it all by myself, too! No knitter help on the final instructions (which, might I just add, the instructions for this thing were terrible!).

I did not knit it up in one night, as the knitting shop woman so optimistically told me I would be able to do. No, it took two knit-ins (7:00pm - about 1:00am), and a few hours of knitting at home to finish it, plus a bunch of false starts, but it's done! It looks GOOD! I am so proud of myself! :)

Take a look!

It's called an Interlock Hat. You knit a gray row first, then the red, then the gray, etc. Mom picked the colors.

I have such a Spears face. This is the same face my half-sister, dad, and aunt have, and the same face my Grandma used to have. I am also wearing no makeup, so I look a little wan. But you're supposed to be looking at the hat. :)

Is it not cute!!!!! Are you very impressed??? :)

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Edith said...

It looks FanTAStic, Sarai! Congrats!