Saturday, September 5, 2009

Brad, I'm Mad for You!

Why do I have this obsession with brads?????

For those of you not in the know, brads are those little pieces you put through a hole in a stack of papers and you bend one end to hold the papers together. Scrapbookers and card-makers use them for decoration.

I neither scrapbook nor make cards, but I have purchased many sets of brads for friends who do, because every time I see them I just want to own them!

(See brads here:

I have the same kind of obsession with knobs. Cabinet drawer knobs, dresser drawer knobs, etc. I could see myself getting in over my head for light pulls, too, or other things of that nature.

We won't even talk about beads. And I don't mean Swarovski crystals, either - I like all kinds of beads (except those really obviously cheap plastic ones).

I had a couple of people over last weekend to make soap and went gaga over the mica in the soap kit. I said it was like faerie dust. Little tiny motes of sparkle. Wonderful!

What are some little odd things you go crazy for that make no sense and are maybe not entirely useful and are way too expensive to indulge yourself in?

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