Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kevin meets Mr. Lincoln

Very exciting news from the Fort today... The Lincoln Library, recent;ly acquisitioned by ACPL, will be unshadowing the collection this week so members of the public may schedule appointments to go in and view really old, musty and important stuff.

Kevin shows pleasure at getting to speak with the man behind all the brouhaha, none other than Mr. Lincoln himself, looking rather good for having been dead a kaboodle of years. You can almost see the stars in Kevin's eyes and hear the wheels turning in his head as he longs to ask the former president if the press gave news their own spin back in the day the way they do now. Alas, Lincoln cannot speak, so overwhelmed is he by the release of such historically important documents!

(Oh, and those bodies on the floor? We won't go into that right now. Something about protestors, I don't know.)

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Kevin said...

I must say I found the former President to be a quiet man and an attentive listener.