Sunday, May 31, 2009


Kevin and I went to see Up! in 3D this evening. What fun! As Kevin said when we were leaving: "I laughed... I cried... I laughed... I cried."

I really want a sweatshirt with the image of the house aloft with all the balloons overhead.I went to the official site and they didn't have any! DUH, folks!

This is a great movie. The animation is wonderful fantastic. The 3D is not essential, but it is fun to see it that way. And we honestly did cry, a couple of times. Not bawling, though there was one little one in the theatre who was sobbing when Kevin - in the movie - was taken away. We laughed lots. The movie is heart-warming, poignant, sweet, and silly. It's a win!

We also really enjoyed the short film before the film. Something about the clouds, but I can't remember the title. Very cute.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Go see Star Trek!

I saw the new Star Trek movie with Kevin on Friday and again with my mom today. WHAT A FUN FILM!!!!!

I was not sure what to expect and was concerned that it might be just some generic action adventure flick trying to make money off an established brand name, but it was not. I have seen the original show and Star Trek Generations and I have seen a couple of the movies (my favorite was the one with the scary borg bad guys), and my feeling was that this stayed true to the characters. Kevin also said he thought there were a couple of nods to at least one of the books, and he noticed that the computer voice was done by the same person who did the voice for previous Star Trek works.

This film also had lots of humor and some great references to the original television show - SPOILER ALERT - I knew when I saw that guy in the red shirt that he was going down and not coming back up. :)

I had not paid much attention to the advertising, so I was surprised at all the faces I recognized - Kirk's mother is played by one of the actors from House, Winona Ryder is Spock's mom, Eric Bana as the bad Romulan - love Eric Bana - and Simon Pegg from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, just to mention a few.

I smiled almost through the entire movie. I laughed, I loved the action, loved the special effects, I even felt tension though knowing - obviously - the main characters will survive. Great great great!!!!!!! Highly recommended, lots of fun. See it!

And I'm not alone:

‘Star Trek’ Makes $72.5 Million, a Franchise Record

By Michael White and Dan Hart
May 10 (Bloomberg) -- “Star Trek” opened with $72.5 million in ticket sales, the best debut in the 11-movie franchise, as fans turned out to see a new, younger crew for the Paramount Pictures Film.

“Star Trek” topped the series’ previous high, $30.7 million in first-weekend sales for 1996’s “Star Trek: First Contact,” researcher Box-Office said today in an e-mailed statement.

…“This was great marketing, and a great movie,” said Paul Dergarabedian, box-office analyst for Box-Office, in a telephone interview.

...“The trailer was incredible, and it got a lot of people excited about seeing the film. The film delivers on the promise of that trailer.”

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sarai Knits!

I finished the hat I've been knitting for my mom!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! I finished it all by myself, too! No knitter help on the final instructions (which, might I just add, the instructions for this thing were terrible!).

I did not knit it up in one night, as the knitting shop woman so optimistically told me I would be able to do. No, it took two knit-ins (7:00pm - about 1:00am), and a few hours of knitting at home to finish it, plus a bunch of false starts, but it's done! It looks GOOD! I am so proud of myself! :)

Take a look!

It's called an Interlock Hat. You knit a gray row first, then the red, then the gray, etc. Mom picked the colors.

I have such a Spears face. This is the same face my half-sister, dad, and aunt have, and the same face my Grandma used to have. I am also wearing no makeup, so I look a little wan. But you're supposed to be looking at the hat. :)

Is it not cute!!!!! Are you very impressed??? :)