Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What the Yuck?

So I just checked out this book, What the Yuck. Some of you may know this because I was texting blurbs of information to you. Until Mandy told me I used up all her texts for the month and Edith informed me I had no filter. Well, actually until I had to go to bed. The filter comment did not stop me.

Well, here are some other interesting tidbits from the book - not the gross kind.

6 Foods That Fight Off Bad Moods
1. steamed edamame
2. yogurt & granola
3. popcorn
4. sunflower seeds
5. bananas
6. oatmeal

Top 5 Metabolism-Boosting Treats
1. White Tea
2. Grass-fed beef
3. Peanut butter for breakfast
4. yogurt
5. a just-ripe banana

It takes a healthy liver one hour to process one drink (12 ounces of beer, one shot, one glass of wine, etc).

Champagne will get you drunk faster than other alcoholic drinks. The bubbles cause the alcohol to be absorbed into your system faster.

Coffee can raise the risk of heart attack for people with heart disease or known risk factors for it (high blood pressure, diabetes, etc).

This one is kind of gross.

Q: I love vintage clothes, but could I catch something from wearing secondhand stuff?
A: The most common stowaways in secondhand threads are scabies - eight-legged mites that burrow into your skin and cause intense itching and blisters. Be picky about your stores - good vintage and consignment shops are careful about what goods they take, so you're less likely to have a problem. Before you wear someone else's castoffs, starve the mites by keeping them in a plastic bag stashed in the garage or basement for a couple of weeks. And wash your clothes well.

Here's a TMI one.

True or False? His penis can break during rough-ish sex. TRUE! They are very rare, but penis fractures do happen. This causes extreme pain and can result in a bent penis. Surgery may be required.

Q: I carry everything in my purse and it weighs a ton. Can I get stooped over to one side from it?
A: Yes. Carrying a heavy purse or bag on one shoulder can trigger shoulder and back pain. It can cause posture issues as well - usually because you compensate for the weight by hunching one shoulder. After years and years it might be very visible!

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