Sunday, November 18, 2012

Movie catch-up

We went to see the movie Argo and it was FANTASTIC! If you have not seen it yet, go see it! What a great movie. Kept us on the edge of our seats even though we knew what was going to happen. Definite Oscar-bait. Ben Affleck has found his calling as a director. Saw it with Mom and Kevin and I know Kevin and I got teary-eyed toward the end.

Kevin and I went to see Killer Joe at Cinema Center. Very interesting, not your usual movie fare. Not for the faint of heart. Basically, Matthew McConaughey plays a killer-for-hire who takes a job to kill this guy's mom, except the guy can't pay up front so he's going to pay when he gets his half of the insurance money. Which doesn't work out and I really don't want to reveal more because it's just so deliciously awful and darkly fun you have to find out for yourself.

Friday, Chelle and I went to see Looper with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis. Some of Bruce Willis' affectations have become so caricature now that part of the acting required by Gordon-Levitt was just to imitate Willis so we know one is the younger version of the same man. Gordon-Levitt did this well. (I also have to say, as someone who used to watch Third Planet from the Sun, back when Gordon-Levitt used to be geeky, what happened? Yummy! Stare at me across the room like that again. Hunka hunka hunka. The anticipation of just hearing him run up the stairs in the farmhouse tied my tummy in knots.) I really liked the movie and want to go back to see it again with Kevin because I think he will like it. I can't explain it to you, though, so don't ask. Well, I'll tell you this much - there's a Young Joe and an Old Joe, a love story, lots of violence, another love story, other kinds of love, more violence, sci-fi, and lots of stuff to think about. Pretty cool flick.

Skyfall. Kevin loved it. It even brought a tear to his eye but I won't tell you why. I thought it was a good movie, lots of fun, lots of nods to older Bond movies, though a little heavy on the message of getting old and moving on, especially considering they are using Daniel Craig for another couple of Bond films. (Daniel, you'll never be too old to play Bond in my mind - can you flex by the pool side one more time for me? Nicely done.)

Next on our list? Lincoln for Mom and Kevin, maybe seeing The Impossible with Mom, and Chelle said Flight was incredible, but my heart is saving itself for Les Miserables on Christmas Day. I can't wait to cry.  :)

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