Sunday, December 2, 2012

We've just started watching Project Runway All-Stars and I have to say this week's challenge winner was awesome! The challenge was an avant garde androgynous look for a male and female model. When I saw Emilio's outfits walk down the runway they just made me smile. The models worked it, too! I loved the hats at an angle and the hands in the pockets, everything. They look luscious!

Yaay, Emilio! I always thought he got sent home too soon on the regular program.

Not much else to say about this one. Loving the return of Uli, too, and I think Casanova is adorable. Really, though, I prefer the regular Project Runway over the All-Stars versions, I think. In my opinion, they started All-Stars to give Mondo his rightful victory after he was robbed in the regular season by boring what-has-she-done-lately Gretchen.

Speaking of which, when will Mondo's clothes be at Neiman Marcus??? I was just on their website and they have yet to have him listed as a designer and a search for his name pulls up china. Supposedly his clothes were going to be in their store in the fall, and then I heard "in time for the holidays." What gives???

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