Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 3: Nassau

Day 3 - Nassau

Nassau was pretty much exactly as I imagined, at least the part we were in. We didn't venture out to the beaches or anything, just stayed within walking distance of the pier. As we walked away from the ship, we were approached by all kinds of people asking to give us guided tours of the city or to braid my hair, etc. At first, Kevin was being polite and listening to people and after we got stopped a couple of times I told him he was going to have to ignore them and just walk by or we'd never get away from the ship.  :)


We wandered through this little market at the end of the dock, but most things weren't open yet. Then we got outside and found the Straw Market right away. The Straw Market is filled with narrow aisles crammed with all kinds of junk - t-shirts, dresses, bags, hats, trinkets - and a bunch of people sitting in chairs in front of their area, trying to get you to browse their stock. If you so much as paused in front of anything, they were all over you, taking things out to show you and asking what sizes you needed. I, of course, intended to buy t-shirts and a sweatshirt, so I was kind of looking and people were offering me deals. But Kevin got overwhelmed after a bit so we went back outside to wander.

We went through lots of little shops and saw a bunch of expensive places - Fendi and Gucci, lost of jewelry stores, etc., which, interestingly enough were the only stores listed on the "map" Carnival handed out as we left the ship. We didn't even go down that street. :)

We went to the Harley Davidson store, where Kevin found a t-shirt he wanted to get his brother. And lots of other little touristy shops. One had cool shirts with the Bahamas logo on it, but they were more than I had planned to spend.

We also went to a Pirate Museum. The gift shop attached to it was pretty disappointing, though Kevin insisted he wanted a Jolly Roger to go outside on our front porch next to our American flag. I vetoed that idea, though.  :)

We went back to the Straw Market and bought some souvenirs, then headed back to the ship. We went outside to the uppermost deck and sat out in the sun. Yaay! It was soooo nice.

After a while we wandered back inside and had dinner, where our wait staff danced for us again.

Then we went to the evening's entertainment. They had a game show where three contestants would try to buzz in and answer questions to win a prize. The prizes were Carnival medallions or fake gold-played plastic Carnival mini statues.  :)  I actually got into the game show, but I was the slowest to buzz in! I realized halfway through that it was because I was holding my hand lower and the other two had theirs right on the buzzers. The emcee came up to me and gave me a pity answer so I could at least have a plus score.  :)  He did that for each of the three groups that went up.

We played bingo again, with no joy. Kevin also went to the casino that night to play penny slots, which don't actually cost a penny. He was in the positives once, but in the end he spent $20 and did not win.  :( That was okay. We didn't figure to win big, and that was one of the few places on the ship where people could smoke and it was yucky so we didn't stay long.

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