Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Glass Park

I saw a deal through Living Social where a 2-hour glass class was being offered, so I purchased it. Chelle came down and we both went. It's over on South Wayne. Eran Park is the owner and he told us the basics and showed us some of the things you could make, then gave us a demonstration by making a pendant and this really cool nonsensical clear glass thing. It started out as a thin tube of glass and he heated it and blew into it to create little bulb areas and then twisted the thin parts so it made this really interesting shape.

He said some people don't want to go behind the torch and I was like, no, we're both going-behind-the-torch kinds of gals. :)

We took turns just playing and experimenting, and then we each made something. I only kind of made mine - a marble. After I started he told me making marbles is one of the hardest things to do because it's difficult to get them completely round and smooth and even. So I kind of made a lump in the colors I wanted to and started shaping it and then he finished turning it into an actual thing.  :) 

Eran making my marble round

Chelle made the top piece for a wine stopper. She made this really cool twisty shape.

Chelle's piece, still glowing hot

We had to leave them there to stay in the kiln overnight, and Eran has to attach the wine stopper part to the glass piece, so I'm going to pick them up on Monday. It was so much fun! Women with torches! :)

Eran is also in the process of putting together this really cool glass tree. It's going to be on display at the Main Library when it's done. He was at the Maker Station last summer and people from the community came in and made leaves for the tree, about 150. Then he made about 50 more and it's going to be put on permanent display. How cool!

The picture does not do it justice.

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