Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New and Improved "Sucker" Radar

Beware. Kittens and puppies now have advanced Sucker Radar. No longer do they have to wait until you're within walking distance of them to pop out and look at you with big, sad eyes. Now they can do it when you're half a block away and in your car.

Meet the newest member of our family: Unnamed Kitten.

Unnamed Kitten was running across a busy street as I was on my way home last night, and I couldn't let him get squished by a car. So I picked him up and called Kevin and said, "How would you feel about having a fourth cat?" Kevin did some cursing and grumbling and effectively said No Way. So I said I would take Unnamed Kitten to the ASPCA on my way to work the next morning.

I got home and Kevin held the kitten while I unloaded my stuff. When I reached to take the kitten back to put him in the bathroom, away from the other pets, Kevin would not give him up. "He's so cute," his eyes said. I finally got the kitten and took him upstairs. We gave him part of a can of cat food and he gobbled it down. I created a makeshift little litter box and we got him a small bowl of water and a towel to sleep on. Kevin started talking about what we could name him.

So we waffled. Kevin did some online research on what kind of cat he was and if four cats was too many. (Seriously.) I was wrestling with fate - brown tabby cat just like our others... saw him on my way home on a route I never take... turned on the tv when I got home and the first thing I saw was a commercial from the SPCA saying "Save an animal today!"

I said, "Stephanie at work has four cats." We got to the vet this morning to see if Unnamed Kitten was diseased and a woman in the waiting room said she had just rescued a kitten over the weekend and that would make her fourth cat. The vet said she had four cats and a dog. Fate was pushing us hard.

And Kevin kept coming up with possible names. General. Colonel. Patton. Orion. Tiki. Conrad. I can't even remember them all anymore. And I came up with some. Simon. Zed. Philo. (I like nerdy names for cats.)

So... we have another cat. Sigh. He's a cutie.

They always are.

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Robert Wacaster said...

I'm beginning to think this is a cat scam! I just had another friend on facebook say she pulled over to rescue a kitten running across a highway. Are they doing this to get taken home by someone? It's obviously working! *chuckle* Maybe you should name him either Lewis or Clark after the explorers, since he was exploring traffic? I'll try and get off my butt and email you soon.