Thursday, July 8, 2010

Psychic Octopus

Have you been keeping up with the psychic octopus, Paul, who lives in Germany and has been predicting the outcomes of the World Cup games? He has now achieved a 100% accurate prediction rate for the World Cup 2010. Paul has become so popular that German television is now putting his predictions on-air, live, with two reporters giving commentary.

Paul recently provoked hostility in South America after predicting that Argentina would lose to Germany. Some folks even threatened to kill Paul and put him in a paella. The newspaper El Dia offered a recipe for any Argentine patriots who managed to capture Paul: "All you need is four normal potatoes, olive oil for taste and a little pepper."

How does Paul make his predictions? His keepers put mussels into two glass cubes, with each cube having one of the competing nations' flags on the front. Whichever mussel Paul chooses first is taken as his prediction. But this is not the first time Paul has predicted sports outcomes. His psychic abilities were tested during the UEFA Euro 2008 soccer championship when he was proven correct in 80% of predictions made.

Okay, I am totally serious. Check out the video:

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