Sunday, August 19, 2012

Project Runway - Team Challenge!

Don't you love the team challenges? They actually give me a little stress because I hate to watch people do nothing but argue.

I felt if Raul and Fabio had switched teams, Team 6 would not have had so much arguing. It seemed to me that all the arguing done about what they were going to make was started by something Raul said. I'm so glad to see his cupie doll hair go bye-bye again. He did nothing but whine and complain. I'm not sure why the designers were so happy to have him back.

Once again, Dmitry turned out a beautiful design.

Ven's was quite nice, but has he got anything else up his sleeve besides the folded looks he's done so far? Why haven't we heard the judges saying anything about it yet?
In looking at these photos again, I also am noticing that in the pink dress the bust does not fit well, there's something weird happening at the front of Kenley's skirt, and the kind of yellow/gold dress doesn't seem to fit all that well at the sides and across the belly. Maybe Ven is not as great as everyone believes?

Kevin was not impressed with Melissa's blue dress but I actually liked it. I've always kind of liked cowl necks, though, and boat necks, and this was a kind of combination.

I did wonder about some of the designs. Maybe I've worked at the library too long, or maybe it's being in the Midwest, but how many offices allow sleeveless tops? Not to mention the one-shouldered garment sent down the runway by Nathan:

 It's a little bit sexy for the old nine-to-five. And was he trying to emulate Ven by adding the pleat across the crotch?

I loved Dmitry's error in trying to call Ven a "one trick pony." "One way monkey" is definitely a phrase I want to add to my lexicon. :)  Dmitry had better make it to the final three.

What demon is Elena channeling? When she turned around and told Melissa not to talk to her that way, I was amused. Hadn't Elena been talking to everyone else that way the entire day? If you can dish it out, you'd better be able to take it. I did feel sorry for her at the end when Raul announced loudly in front of everyone that he hated her. Multiple times. That was just rude. I don't know that she cared all that much but it looked like it was a little embarrassing for her. I want to know what was said after Raul left the room.

Kevin is still eagerly awaiting the departure of Gunnar, though Gunnar was really not too bad this week. That was probably due to the fact they were focusing on Elena's craziness and Raul's whining.

Overall, the clothes on this episode were attractive, not necessarily appropriate for the office, but there was nothing terribly interesting except Melissa's dress. I hope they get an avant garde challenge where they actually have a couple of days to create the outfit. And that they actually create an avant garde look, unlike past seasons. Or give them a Bob Mackie challenge. I want to see some amazing gowns! I want to see feathers and sequins and outrageousness from this group. Because right now I don't believe they could do it. Everything so far this season has been safe. Everyone needs to take it up a notch.

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Marsha Lowell said...

You summed up this episode perfectly. It’s definitely not just a Midwestern thing for sleeveless shirts to not be appropriate for the workplace. I would be sent straight home if I wore that outfit into my office at Dish! I also totally agree with you that Dmitry should be in the top three, if not the winner of the competition. It’s unfair that he hasn’t won a single challenge yet! I just hope he is the winner in this next episode. I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet, but I plan to ASAP! Luckily, it is safely tucked away on my Hopper DVR, with such a huge memory space that I never have to worry about shows getting deleted to make room for new recordings. I will definitely check back in with you once I’ve watched it to see what you thought!