Thursday, August 23, 2012

We Got Us a Pee-er!

So my day yesterday started with a little excitement... and humor.

There is a vacant house next door which is currently for sale. I called about a month ago to report that there was a City Utilities valve or pipe or whatever in front of the house, and that it was leaking water. The grass there has done wonderfully well during our drought.

Finally yesterday someone arrived to do something about it - the Three Stooges. No, wait, it was workers from City Utilities. I am sure they are normally very capable.

I started texting my mom and Kevin about the goings on.

9:22am: City Utilities is next door digging up the yard between the sidewalk and the street.

9:27am: Little concerned now. I heard one of the guys say, "Whoops, that's not the one." Then I opened the back door to let the dog out and I smelled gas. I hear a sound that could be running water but see no water. And no one is near the hole at the moment.

9:33am: NIPSCO here. No more running water sound.

9:35am: Fire fighters are here, too. Oh, good! They have commenced digging. I feel so safe and secure.

9:37am: Fabulous! Gas is leaking again.

9:41am: Haven't they ever heard to call before you dig?

9:43am: Now the back hoe guy is cleaning his windows. The NIPSCO guy is back in the hole.

9:50am: They're moving the back hoe. I'm sitting on the porch now.

9:51am: The NIPSCO guy is still here. Not in the hole at present.

10:00am: NIPSCO guy back in the hole.

10:02am: Poor NIPSCO guy. He was all clean and tidy and now he's in a hole of muck.

10:10am: City guy is trying to engage NIPSCO guy in small talk. NIPSCO guy has been with the company for 41 years. According to City guy, kids today won't know what that's like.

10:13am: NIPSCO guy asked them if they were done digging and City guy said they still have another 5 feet to dig.

10:22am: Oh, god, they're getting ready to dig again.

10:26am: They're bringing back the big dump truck... The back hoe guy is ready... A new player has entered the game. Someone from Utility Locators. Dude, you're a little late.

10:28am: The back hoe guy is being so careful now, taking little baby bits of dirt at a time.

10:40am: They just gave me the title for my blog post - "Oh, we got us a pee-er." I believe they are spurting water now.

10:44am: No, NIPSCO guy, don't go! I only feel safe when you're here!

10:46am: I believe I just heard someone say, "You'll be okay to dig under that gas line."

And that was my morning!  :)  The good news is I did not have to evacuate four cats and a dog and precious items by myself and my house did not get blown up. Considering the way the rest of August has gone, I think this means things are looking up!

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