Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Project Runway

You may or may not be aware that I am a huge Project Runway fan. Mondo rocks! Other favorite designers include: Seth Aaron, Rami, Epperson, Mychael, Uli, Nick Verreos, Santino,Daniel Vosovic, and Kara Saun and personalities Austin Scarlett, Andrae, Anthony Williams, and Santino (yes, he makes both categories). I also love Heidi and Michael and Nina, and my husband and I adore Tim Gunn. (I have managed to get my hubby to watch episodes with me and he is very vocal about who he likes and dislikes and who should win and go home.)

We are now in Season 10 and I have to say episode 3 was hilarious. The thing that made it so hysterical for me? Gunnar and Kooan being partnered and having to design for Irina, season 6 winner. If you've never watched, you just won't get it, but it made me laugh for a very long time.

And then they made the top two. What? I think I missed the episode where they made a completely different dress that was actually good. I was so confused by it, I can't even describe. Meana Irina was giving them looks that would curdle milk, they stitched a frowney face on her bum because the dress did not fit properly, and it was... it was awful, just awful. Even Kooan was confused.

Ven ended up winning with a navy dress designed for former contestant Kenley. I thought the dress was too short to wear to the Emmy's, and did not have any oomph. It was well-constructed and they listened when Kenley told them what she wanted, but I think the skirt should have been a sheath with a slit up the back, not too high. It wouldn't have been 1950s picnic, but it would have been appropriate to wear to the Emmy's. I'll be interested to see if the dress changes by the time the Emmy's roll around.

Contestant Andrea left in the middle of the night after a rough judging session where her assigned partner told the judges she'd said it would be a relief to go home. And that it took her 12 hours to cut the skirt of the dress. And other assorted things which were true, but he was a little overwrought by it all.

So far, I am liking Ven and Dmitry for the final three. I'm not sure who else. I am concerned about Ven's penchant for utilizing straight lines to make rose shapes; he's done it on all three episodes. I'd show pictures but I can't get blogger to cooperate with me on where they sit on the page. Dmitry has been robbed twice, as far as I am concerned. Again, I'd show pictures, but...

I'd like to see an actual outfit designed by Nathan and Fabio, because we haven't really seen what they can do yet. Lots of people talk about Sonjia but she has not impressed me so far. I mean, her stuff has been well-crafted, just not terribly interesting. And I know she's bizarre, but I hope Buffi gets to stay around for a while; she's fun.

I picked the three who have left so far, so no surprises there. I don't think Kooan will last very much longer because his designs are too Japanese street for the judges. Hubby is gunning for Gunnar to go. He finds him terribly annoying and arrogant, and it always takes us a moment to distinguish him from Christopher. I think they were separated at birth.

Can't wait to see next week's episode where a designer decides to go home!

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