Saturday, September 1, 2012

Project Runway - We All Stay to Sketch Another Day

No one went home on this week's edition of Project Runway, and I was pleased by that. Gunnar was in the bottom two and we've grown fond of him. Turns out he's not as much of a diva as at first he appeared. He's nice! He gives pep talks! He has positive energy!

Alicia was also in the bottom two, but I didn't think her look was all that bad. And the judges agreed - everyone met the criteria for this week's challenge, so everyone stayed. This makes up for one of the people who left the show early on, so it puts the show back on track.

The ladies had a difficult day this episode. There was much crying to be had, much cursing, much doubt. I think Alicia was the only one to keep her game face on. 

I see on Blogging Project Runway that 60% of voters feel Dmitry should have won. As I've mentioned, Dmitry is one of my favorites and I thought this challenge would work well for him as he has made several understated, elegant designs. And I liked his dress, as I always do, but this week I thought Fabio should have won. I loved the asymmetrical hem, the dress had a nice movement to it, and as the judges said, it could be dressed up or down or made more playful or edgy, depending on where you planned to wear it. I also thought it fit in with the other dresses in the Lord and Taylor Project Runway Collection better than Dmitry's would have.

Dmitry's dress:

Fabio's dress:
The more I look at them, Dmitry's dress is more unique and special and just crisp as can be, but Fabio's is the perfect "little black dress." Perhaps I was simply charmed by Fabio's flower coronet.

I do find him quite adorable. The quirk factor is strong in this one.

We heard very little from Ven this week, which was all for the best. One thing I did notice was that he didn't even know Gunnar's name! How into himself Ven must be. Loathsome creature. When will they please call him out for using the same design trick every single week? Stupid origami, paper craft, freaking rose!

Overall, even with the crying, it was a somewhat mellow episode. But don't despair! Next week it's a TEAM CHALLENGE! Everybody's favorite!

One more thing - I went looking for a video clip of Dmitry doing his ballroom dance thing, because I expect he was a ballroom dance hottie, but I could find nothing. Has anyone else had any luck? For the love of God, will someone out there please upload a video of this man dancing!!!!!

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SidneyKay said...

I don't like that big honking zipper!!!