Sunday, January 1, 2006

Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest

Okay, this stars Sigourney Weaver, Tim Allen, Alan Rickman, and Tony Shalhoub, so right off the bat you know it has the potential to be terrific. And it is.

I watch this movie all the time and I always find something new to laugh at - facial expressions, lines I've missed before because I was laughing, all sorts of stuff. Oh, man, this is a great movie.

Here's the general premise - the cast of a once-popular television show about a space traveling crew, a la Star Trek, are doing electronics store grand openings and geek conventions when the "captain" is asked by a group of real aliens to help them save their people by surrendering to a galactic bad guy. Jason figures out he was really in space and asks the others to come back with him. They think he's talking about an acting gig and agree only to find themselves running from the evil Sarris, meeting alien races, and, yeah, saving the world.

I can never figure out who is my favorite character, but Sam Rockwell is hysterical as Guy, afraid he is destined to be the generic crew member who gets killed on the alien planet, or killed back on the ship when everyone else goes to the planet, or killed saving the good guys from the bad guys. Tony Shalhoub is cool and calm when everyone else is falling apart. And Alan Rickman - have I ever mentioned that I just adore Alan Rickman? - excels as a Shakespearean actor doomed to be remembered as an alien with gills on his head. Fabulous.

I have to give thanks to my friend Mike, who convinced me to watch this DVD one time when I was dog-sitting for him. :)

First watched: 2000

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