Sunday, January 1, 2006

Romancing The Stone

Romancing The Stone

Joan Wilder is a humdrum woman who lives through writing romance novels. Her sister is the daring one, and when she is kidnapped and held for ransom in South America, Joan must go to save her. Along the way, Joan meets Jack T. Colton, seemingly a hero straight from one of her books - but does he truly want to help her find her sister, or is he only interested in the treasure at the end of the map she is supposed to be bringing her sister's kidnappers?

This movie won a Golden Globe for Kathleen Turner and as best motion picture (comedy/musical) for 1985. It does show the evolution of Joan from timid author to confident woman, but it's also got lots of adventure and fun going for it. Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas have sparks galore, the storyline is solid, the romance is believable, the characters are layered. This is just a fun, fun film with lots of humor, sexiness, and wit.

First seen: 1986?

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