Saturday, March 20, 2010

Do You Ever Have This Problem?

Sometimes my eyes do not see what is actually there. Take, for instance, the young adults blog headline I read this morning: Live Action Glue Game.

Now, this caught my attention. Glue Game? What's that? I imagined kids running around the room sniffing glue, putting it on their arms and in their hair, etc.

It actually said Live Action Clue Game. Ohhhhh. That actually makes a lot more sense.

Does that ever happen to you? Is it part of getting old? Because it seems to happen to me a LOT, especially with book titles. I have seen some really interesting book titles thanks to my brain malfunction. I should start keeping a list.


Sarai said...

From Lynn:

I often do that but typically can think of zero examples to illustrate.

I see people who aren't there too but that I can firmly blame on a combination of shortsightedness and non glasses wearing. So many times I've crossed a street to avoid drunks lying on the pavement. A lot of the time there are drunks but often it's just a pile of garbage bags.

Lately I've taken to seeing people out of nowhere. I'll be walking along and totally sense someone behind me. I'll even see them in my peripheral vision but when I turn no one is there. Lord knows what my brain is doing here I figure I'll worry when the people start talking to me. Unless they are particularly agreeable or funny ;-)

I put it down to stress and tiredness. It's a brain yawn.

Melissa said...

I do it all the time. It's why certain nameless people come to me with my writing and say, does that sentence read right to you and I say yes. I read what I think should be there rather than what is there.