Monday, March 15, 2010

Willie Rocks!

We went to see Willie Nelson in concert tonight at the Embassy. You may be thinking, huh, Willie Nelson? Am I on the right blog? Lisa said to me, "Do you like country music?" No, not particularly, but I like Willie Nelson! I don't consider him country. He's country, blues, bluegrass, folk, gospel, spiritual, standards.

Well, he was totally awesome! He came out and played one song right after the other, no breaks, no intermission, and there were only about 5 or 6 songs I had never heard before. He sang Crazy (made famous by Patsy Cline), Georgia on My Mind, Angels Flying Too Close to the Ground, Always on My Mind, All of Me, Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys (which my dad used to sing when we went on boat trips when I was a kid). We smiled, we clapped, we sang along.

Willie would put a handkerchief on his head and wear it for a while and then throw it out to the crowd. At the end of the concert he walked all along the front row and shook everyone's hands. It was just the coolest thing! :) Yaay! :)


SidneyKay said...

I'm glad you liked him. Did he do Stardust?

Melissa said...

James would be jealous, so let's not tell him. When our computer crashed, James started putting some CDs on my computer. Now when I'm listening to music on my computer, I'm startled cause it jumps from Muse to Willie Nelson. Very jarring (sorry, not a fan).