Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why I Should Not Be Allowed to Read

So I read this book called How Not To Die, by Dr. Jan Garavaglia. She is a medical examiner and has a tv show (which I never really got into).

So here are some of the many amazing and interesting bits of information I picked up from this book:

Men who take more frequent vacations have a 30% less chance of dying of heart disease, and women have a 50% less chance of dying of heart disease, compared to those who don't vacation.

At current mortality rates, a baby born today has roughly one chance in seventy of ultimately dying in a car accident.

The 8 Leading Driver Mistakes That cause Collisions:
1. Excessive speed
2. Right-of-way violations
3. Improper turning
4. Improper passing
5. Following too closely
6. Driving left of center
7. Alcohol/substance abuse
8. Distracted drivers

In the morgue, they save the rags used to clean up liquids from decomposed bodies to help train cadaver-hunting dogs. Scientists have also studied the odor of bodily decay so they can better develop synthetic sprays for use in riot control.

Men are at least twice as likely as women to be alcoholics and three times more likely to be drug addicts.

When you habitually get less sleep than you need each night, your risk of having an accident or developing heart disease, cancer, diabetes, memory problems, or depression begins to increase. As a general rule, if you tend to sleep late on weekends or always need an alarm to wake you, you might be sleep-deprived.

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