Saturday, December 1, 2007

Chelle's Wish List

Sarai will update this as she gets update from Chelle! Roger's stuff is at the bottom.

* * * * *Updated 11/26/12

Upon the request of Sarai…truly, I don’t really need stuff, but these are the things I would buy if I was treating myself…

Anything that sounds fun, but I like word/question games the best. I don’t have Outburst and would like that.

In general, I love any cookbooks that have great pictures in them. 

Most of these are movies I already have on VHS, but I’m trying to convert to all DVD/blu ray. Those I don’t have at all have a * and the ones I really want**

The Avengers
A Christmas Story **
A Few Good Men
Four Weddings and a Funeral
Fried Green Tomatoes
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
Gone With the Wind
Harry Potter:  Deathly Hallows 2**
It's a Wonderful Life
Million Dollar Baby
Office Space*
Old School*
Pretty Woman
The Prince of Tides
Rear Window
Rescue Me - all seasons
Singin' in the Rain
White Christmas
The Wizard of Oz

These are the places I frequent…

Gift Certificates
Barnes and Noble
Pier 1
Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Bath and Body Works
Massage, etc at European Day Spa ( Balance, A Therapeutic Touch (219-465-7287) or Serendipity Province
Olive Garden
Really, any restaurant gift cards/certificates are great
ITunes gift cards
Gift certificates for pedicures are always great :)
Tickets to an event—concert, play, symphony, etc, movie passes

If you're getting bath gels, lotions, etc., I like fruity or lightly floral scents the best. Mint is also good. At Bath and Body Works I like: Forever Sunshine, black raspberry vanilla, mango mandarin, coconut lime verbena, sweet pea, peony, Japanese cherry blossom, vanilla sugar (bubble bath and lotion only for the vanilla), sensual amber, and blackberry amber. Otherwise, if it's fruity, I'll probably like it. Florals I usually have to smell first to know, but they have to be light. philosophy also has great scents for just about anything. or

Loves: sunflowers, candles, glass things - bottles, trays, etc. Offbeat psych-related things are always good. Cookbooks - I like Giada diLaurentiis

I love soft sheets. Flannel sheets for winter are always great--snowflakes or polar
bears please =) King–sized please on any sheets

Red Wine - Pinot Noir or Zinfandel

Movie gift cards (AMC or Cinemark are the closest), Pittsburgh Steelers stuff, restaurant cards (he’s a fan of steak places, or Quizno’s, Little Caesar’s, Pizza Hut)

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