Friday, December 7, 2007


Updated 9/6/15

Making a donation in my name is cool.

The places I wish to support are World Wildlife Fund, Nature Conservancy, Allen County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ACSPCA), National Wildlife Federation, and Wolf Park.

I would also support the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo or Fort Wayne Parks & Recreation Department (to Tree Canopy Trust, Lakeside Rose Garden, Foellinger Theatre Trust, Foster Park Gardens, Parks Unrestricted Trust, Salomon Farm, or Rivergreenway Trust).

World Wildlife Fund
Adopt an Animal. You click on the animal and then scroll to the bottom to find the $25 option.  :)  I would go for (in no particular order) the tiger, three-toed sloth, snow leopard, gray wolf, Amur leopard, Arctic fox, blue-footed booby, sea otter, snowy owl, duck-billed platypus, Darwin's fox, clouded leopard, meerkat, black-footed ferret, river otter, honey badger, wombat, black jaguar, barn owl, sea lion, ring-tailed lemur, Tasmanian devil, harbor seal, red fox, cougar, wolverine, leopard, tenrec, raccoon, warthog, tarsier, or big horn sheep.

National Geographic Big Cats Initiative
To address this critical situation, the National Geographic Society and Explorers-in-Residence Dereck and Beverly Joubert, have launched the Big Cats Initiative, a comprehensive program that supports on-the-ground conservation projects, education, and economic incentive efforts and a global public-awareness campaign. “We no longer have the luxury of time when it comes to big cats,” says Dereck Joubert. “They are in such a downward spiral that if we hesitate now, we will be responsible for extinctions across the globe. If there was ever a time to take action, it is now.” You can help us make a difference. Your donation can help save a big cat and ensure the Earth is not without these majestic creatures."

Panthera was founded in 2006 with the sole mission of conserving the world's 36 species of wild cats. Utilizing the knowledge and expertise of the world’s top cat biologists, Panthera develops, implements, and oversees range-wide species conservation strategies for the world’s largest, most imperiled cats – tigers, lions, jaguars and snow leopards. 100% of your donation goes to the field - where it matters most. Panthera guarantees that 100% of your donation goes to field conservation of wild cats. We are able to make this promise because all our administrative, office and salary costs - ‘overhead’- are covered in their entirety by Panthera’s founder and Chairman of the Board, Dr. Tom Kaplan. Every year, Dr. Kaplan underwrites those costs. That allows Panthera to make the unique promise that every cent from every other donation will indeed be directed to the field and, in many cases, be matched by additional programmatic funds contributed by Dr. Kaplan. We guarantee it.

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