Friday, December 7, 2007

Things I Like & Things to Avoid


Updated 9/6/15


I know it sounds really boring, but what I like best are gift cards. Then I can eat out, go to movies and concerts, buy stuff I want, and improve my house. :)

I like wolves, black panthers, tigers, platypus, otters, baby tree sloths, Daffy Duck. If you can work that into a funny pen or maybe a mini jade carving, go for it. :)  No keychains.


I really do not want any stuff for the house like knick knacks, etc. Kevin and I have been working hard to clean out all that sort of thing and we still have plenty left and don't need any more. We also don't have room on the walls for any art or photography.

I really don't like to receive clothes as gifts. I have plenty of funny socks and my sweatshirt collection is now at capacity. I have lots of nightgowns, too, so please - no clothes.

No birds, butterflies, monkeys, flowers, pearls, any Looney Tunes cartoon characters except Daffy Duck (I like Daffy Duck), any Hanna Barbera cartoon characters, any Disney cartoon characters, jewelry that used to be a spoon or fork.

CALENDARS – I like to buy my own. I mean this. People keep giving me calendars. Please don’t!

No more t-shirts, please. My t-shirt drawer is so full I can hardly get it open and if you give me a t-shirt I will have to throw away another perfectly good t-shirt.

No nightwear. My drawer is full.

I have no more room for picture frames of any kind.

I do not collect plates. I have plenty of coffee mugs. I don’t really get into vases, crystal, or other similar items.

I do not like fresh flowers as a gift. This is because flowers die and that’s depressing. DO NOT GET ME A PLANT! I kill plants. My cats kill plants. It stresses me out to have someone give me a plant. If you really must buy me something floral, I'd prefer a gift card to Breck's or Van Engelen, though even this is not great anymore as I am running out of room in my yard to plant things. I do intend to keep buying crocuses and Glory of the Snow to plant in the front yard to come up before the grass needs mowed in the spring. I want a full carpet.  :)

No hotpots or potpourri and absolutely NO CINNAMON anything!

Please do not buy me any kind of perfume (I don’t wear it), body spray, bath fizzies, bath oils, bath teas, bath crystals, bath beads, facial scrubs or any kind of products for my face. My skin is very sensitive and I tend to break out in a rash (though every once in a while I can get away with using bath gel as bubble bath).


Nothing religious.

Don’t get me candy or chocolate. That said, I love regular Hershey’s chocolate bars. No Peeps (bleah!)! No marshmallow or peanut butter stuff. I will eat Toffeefay, Turtles, Heath bars, Heath bites, Tootsie rolls, Kit Kat (original), peanut M&M's, strawberry Twizzlers, Riesen, and Brach's bridge mix. Also DeBrand's from the Classic Collection, Apricot Crunch, Chocolate Silk, Dark Chocolate Caramel, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream; Truffle Collection: Black and White, Dark Chocolate; Connoisseur Collection: Mayan Gold, Pistachio, Rosemary, or Valencia; Dark Chocolate Deluxe Nuts, White Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Dark Chocolate Gourmet Cherry Cordials,Very Cherry Tasting Bar, Milk Chocolate Pecan Patty, Caramel Pretzel Bars. But, right, don't get me chocolate.  :)

Can’t stand Red Hat stuff.

I don’t like those old-fashioned German glass ornaments you see at Christmas, like the famous glass pickle and all that stuff. I have plenty of ornaments for my tree and decorations for my house.

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